New push-fit and compression joints: iJOINT

Apr 4, 2011 7:00 AM

Georg Fischer Piping Systems launches a new compression joint on the global market. The innovative design guarantees users a fast and safe installation. The iJOINT was developed for water supply, where it is highly valued for its reliability and long service life. The iJOINT product mix includes couplings, reducers, tees, elbows, threaded adapters and end caps in the dimensions d20 to d110.

GF_Image-iJOINTNew compression fitting iJOINT – Distribution line (Photo: Georg Fischer Piping Systems, 2011)

GF Piping Systems developed the iJOINT for use in house connections. It is ideal for new installations, repairs and extensions of existing water pipelines and can be integrated perfectly into numerous types of industrial applications. The iJOINT also lends itself to temporary solutions in pipe networks because it is so easily assembled and disassembled. All it takes is one simple operation to assemble and what’s more this fitting can be used repeatedly. Other applications of the iJOINT can be found in mining, recreation parks, golf courses, camping sites, agriculture, greenhouses and irrigation systems.

Safe and ergonomic – the iJOINT

The fast and easy assembly of the new compression joint is a true innovation. The fitting is equipped with a coated sealing system, making it unique for drinking water supply throughout the world. iJOINT unites the many benefits of plastic: no corrosion, no deposits, low weight, no leakage and tight seal. An optimal cost-benefit ratio and a lifetime of at least 50 years underscore the competitive advantage offered by iJOINT.

iJOINT technical data, training and global sales

iJOINT compression joints are suitable for all polyethylene piping systems, PE 80, PE 100 and PEX-a. Prepping is not required. When assembling the pipeline, the compression joint need not be dismantled nor does the coupling nut need be loosened. Dismantling is possible and easy to do, and the iJOINT can be reused. Michael Gressmann, Product Manager for iJOINT, comments on the product launch: “The time savings in installation is a huge advantage for installers. Thanks to this feature, the iJOINT is sure to win over the market very quickly.“

The products are designed for a pressure rating up to maximum 16 bar and have global approvals. GF Piping Systems offers everything from one source, all around the world: training, distribution and a full product range, including fittings, valves, measurement and control technology and jointing technology.

Georg Fischer – Adding Quality to People’s Lives
GF Piping Systems is one of three companies within the Georg Fischer group and a leading supplier of plastic and metal pipe systems with a global market presence.
Our portfolio offers connection technology, fittings, fixtures, sensors and pipes for the treatment and distribution of water as well as the safe transport of industrial fluids and gases. GF Piping Systems supplies leading innovative technical solutions for domestic engineering applications, the chemical process industry, food & beverage, life sciences, the microelectronics, shipbuilding, water and gas supply industries as well as potable water treatment. Our distributors in more than 25 countries and representatives in a further 80 countries guarantee customer service around the clock. Production facilities in Europe, Asia and the US are customer focussed and comply with all local requirements. Georg Fischer’s registered offices have been located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, since the company was founded in 1802.

Key figures - GF Piping Systems 2010
More than 4700 employees worldwide (as of 1 March 2011)
1176 million CHF turnover
137 million CHF EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes)

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