Diaphragm Valve

Everythings started with the wish for something new. Result is a ground breaking diaphragm valve: safer, simpler and more efficient - revolutioning the markets.

More Safety - Simplicity - Efficiency

Where there is no metal, there is no corrosion. Instead of theusual four metal screws, the diaphragm valve has only acentral plastic housing nut. The corrosion-free connectionwarrants homogeneous expansion when exposed to temperaturevariations, which eliminates the need to retightenthe screws. This results in uniform surface pressure thatwarrants tightness up to 16 bar operating pressure.

Open or closed, automatic or manual: In a snap thediaphragm valve can increase flow or turn everything offcompletely. The lockable handwheel is a standard feature,the two-coloured position indicator shows the actualposition of the diaphragm at a glance. Moreover, at the sametime the upper housing section is the interface for aself-adjusting electrical position indicator. All the installationdimensions of the previous model were retained so it isbackward compatible.

What is your definition of efficiency? 10, 15 or even 20percent more? The diaphragm valve offers 100 percent moreflow. That means doubling the flow rate at constant energyconsumption. The key lies in the optimized geometry of thevalve body. At the same time, the diaphragm valve has linearflow characteristics and thus warrants both increasedefficiency and constantly stable processes. The minimizeddead space also provides maximal hygiene.

Diaphragm Valve Type 604/605

Diaphragm Valve Type 604/605
High performance, low cost

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Diaphragm Valves

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