iLITE - Evolution in axial press technology

GF Piping Systems has achieved success with the new iLITE plastic piping system by bringing real innovation to the market in the area of plumbing and heating. This new system offers a quick and safe connection of various piping materials while providing an excellent flow rate at the same time. iLITE is the ideal choice for use in drinking water and heating distribution demonstrated by its long life span.


Lightweight with excellent flow rates

iLITE plastic fittings from the high-performance plastic PPSU, are lightweight and nevertheless extremely sturdy and stable.

The fitting nipple with its innovative cone-shaped design and the sophisticated expansion of the tube ensures excellent flow rates, low pressure losses and low noise levels.

iLITE - Features
Quick – 1 tool and 1 step
iLITE - Quick and easy installation

In a single step, the fitting and pipe are connected quickly and easily with just one tool. No more loose spare parts and no need for calibration or deburring of the pipe. Additional tools are not necessary to expand the pipe. Simply connect the pipe and fitting by hand, use the tool, release with a double click, the connection is made. This saves time during the installation and space in the tool case.

Multi-functional fitting
iLITE - Multi-usable fitting

The iLITE fitting is multi-functional for different pipe materials. Both, full plastic pipes made from crosslinked polyethylene (PE–Xa/c) as well as multilayer composite pipes in the dimensions d16-32mm can be connected. No change of the tool is necessary.

PPSU fittings
iLITE plastic fittings from the high-performance plastic PPSU, also commonly used in air and space travel, are lightweight and nevertheless extremely sturdy and stable.

Threaded fittings
Our iLITE threaded fittings consist of a hygienic, drinking water quality brass alloy that is listed on the Federal Environment Agency (UBA)’s published positive list.

iLITE - Fittings
Flow – Excellent flow rate
iLITE - Excellent flow rate

The innovative design of the cone-shaped fitting nipple ensures a perfectly circular expansion of the pipe when pushed onto the fitting. With the fitting nipple, the pipe is calibrated simultaneously. The sophisticated expansion of the tube ensures excellent flow rates, low pressure losses and low noise levels.

Safe connection

Axial sliding sleeve connections are among the safest connections of pipes and fittings. Through the expansion of the pipe and the sleeve’s axial pressing, a large sealing surface is created between the fitting nipple and pipe. The O-ring provides additional safety. With the inspection window, the plumber has a simple control mechanism to check whether the connection is correct and tight. Connections are immediately ready for pressure. Missed connections will immediately leak during the pressure test.

iLITE battery tool

The intelligence is in the tool

For the connection of the iLITE pipes and fittings, only one tool is needed.

The handy and lightweight tool for singlehand operation has an ergonomic handle, a battery with a very short charging time and is captivating with its reliability and high quality of workmanship. The system’s intelligence lays within the tool jaws in combination with the sophisticated fitting design. The expanding of the pipes and the two axial movements in the opposite direction are put into one step using one tool. There is a battery hydraulic and a manual hand tool available. Per dimension, there is a pair of jaws consisting of a fitting mounting and a pipe clamping jaw.

iLITE - Battery tool

Area of application

Potable Water
Potable Water

Whether with a loop, ring, T-piece or manifold installation: iLITE pipes and fittings are transporting your precious hot and cold water without any significant pressure losses direct to the point of use.


Comfortable heating with iLITE pre-insulated pipes and specific heating fittings.


The best quality from the beginning to the end with direct iLITE transition fittings from our pre-insulated cooling system Cool-Fit 2.0 up to the consumer.