Strong in its Environment - The Diaphragm Valve Type 604/605 from GF Piping Systems Defies All External Influences

Mar 17, 2016 10:00 AM

In the innovative “KOPRA” corrosion testing facility from TSE-SYSTEME, the new diaphragm valve type 604/605 from GF Piping Systems ensures safe work with highly aggressive media.

TSE-SYSTEME GmbH in Moos at Lake Constance develops, manufactures and sells manual, semi- and fully automatic applications for wet process technology, supply and disposal systems for chemicals and laboratory equipment. This young, innovative company, founded in 2004, has established itself not only in Germany and Europe, but also in the Asian market. Twelve employees produce applications made from plastic and stainless steel and adapt them individually to customer needs.

Against corrosion

KOPRA corrosion testing facility at TSE-SYSTEME (Source: TSE-SYSTEME GmbH)

Looking for new ways and opportunities to optimize applications further, TSE-SYSTEME also uses products from GF Piping Systems. The new, compact diaphragm valve type 604/605 in DN 15 with integrated pneumatic actuator will be used in the “KOPRA” corrosion testing facility.

Corrosion is a negative side effect in many industries, caused by the use of water, but also by aggressive gases and other media. Surfaces, especially those from metals, are attacked by exhaust gas condensates and thermal stress among other factors. This is harmful to the function of components.

The VDA directive 230-214 "Resistance of Metallic Materials Against Condensation Corrosion in Exhaust-Carrying Components" defined test methods in order to be able to perform reproducible tests on corrosion processes.

The “KOPRA” corrosion testing facility is based on a prototype, which was developed according to automotive industry standards in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz. The approach of both partners is so successful that they have now delivered more than ten applications to suppliers in the automotive industry.

Low-maintenance PVDF valves

GF Piping Systems diaphragm valve at the KOPRA facility (Source: GF Piping Systems)

GF Piping Systems makes an important contribution. The selection of the right materials and diaphragms for a system like this is especially important, because corrosion-enhancing chemicals are used in the testing process, which simulate highly sulfurous and low sulfurous fuels. The application is also subject to recurrent temperature changes. Therefore, the diaphragm valves type 604/605 as well as the pipes and fittings are mainly made from PVDF, using FPM as a sealant. The maintenance of the diaphragm valves is reduced to a minimum, as their full-plastic housing does not require re-torquing of screws.

The application has two integrated tanks for the different steps in the cycle, a process and a storage tank. The appropriate medium is pumped between the two containers using an internal pump depending on the phase of testing. Driven by 6 bar compressed air and controlled via a built-in PLC control, the valves are opened to regulate the inflow in the test basins or to ensure the flow to the storage tank. Due to the optimized flow geometry of the diaphragm valve from GF Piping Systems and a Kv value of 125 l/min at DN 15, the tanks are filled or emptied in no time. The special long-life diaphragm in the GF Piping Systems valve master the thousands of adjusting cycles during the one-week test cycles without problems.



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