Project Criteria

You are interested in presenting a project for clean drinkable water to the GF Clean Water Foundation? If so, please refer to the following project criteria and recommendations.

1. Starting point
With its Clean Water Foundation, GF has been involved since 2002 in projects to improve water supply in developing countries and disaster areas. To date, GF has invested more than CHF 10 million in Clean Water projects. Therefore the main purpose of the Foundation is the financial support of projects related to the improvement of access to clean drinkable water for human beings.

2. Main criteria
Be aware that no project can or shall fulfill all goals, therefore take our main criteria as a selection:

2.1. Project executing organization

  • Experience with water projects
  • Image, reputation
  • Cultural understanding
  • Professional development aid project
  • Independent project of a manageable size

2.2. Project goals

  • Ensuring survival
  • Improving health status
  • Stopping migration/emigration
  • Disaster recovery
  • Encouraging training and education
  • Backing civil society
  • Consideration for regional distribution

2.3. Social compatibility / Integration

  • Involvement of population in planning and implementation
  • Local water policies
  • Utilization of local resources (materials, labor, etc.)
  • Inclusion of local conditions
  • Socio-economic background
  • Involvement of political sphere
  • Contribution / acceptance by the government

2.4. Sustainability

  • Simplicity of the solution
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Helping people help themselves

3. Document
Your written documentation (if possible as digital data, no paper) should include

- Summary

- Project related information:

  • Project description
  • Budget
  • Timetable / milestones

- Organization related information:

  • Short portrait of the organization and key persons
  • Financial figures (at least of the last two years)
  • Annual report (last year)
  • Pictures of similar projects / region etc. (if available)

4. Further information
On our website we provide short descriptions of different projects we have supported in the last ten years and on videos by us, as well as our project partners can be found. Make best use of it.

5. Address
Please send your application to:
Georg Fischer Clean Water Foundation

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

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