GF & Water

From the very start, the Clean Water Foundation has always been able to count on tremendous support from GF employees. Regardless of their age, position, or work location, they contribute to the success of many projects in a variety of ways. Personnel costs or other expenses associated with the Foundation and the projects are borne by the company.

GF is a water supply specialist. Treating and transporting water are our core areas of expertise. And access to clean water for all people is one of our top priorities. For that reason, GF’s Clean Water Foundation was created in 2002 as part of the company’s 200-year anniversary. It finances water supply projects in countries where the needs are most urgent. Clean Water works together with NGOs and local organizations to ensure the sustainability of such projects.

Since its creation, the Clean Water Foundation has financed more than 140 projects and about 300'000 people have been given access to drinking water thanks to this Foundation.

We will continue to support our Clean Water Foundation because we are firmly convinced that the lack of drinking water affects us all. As a water distribution system specialist, we can make a lasting contribution towards solving the water issue.

Yves Serra, former CEO of GF

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