About the Foundation

Clean Water

Clean Water - a commitment of GF

Since its founding in 1802, GF has demonstrated its personal and financial commitment to social organizations and humanitarian projects.

On the occasion of the company’s 200-year anniversary in 2002, GF’s shareholders waived distribution of the bicentenary dividend. Instead, the Clean Water Foundation was created and the sum of CHF 3.5 million was invested in non-profit projects geared toward providing clean drinking water around the world. The goodwill exhibited – especially by shareholders – has continued ever since, as evidenced by donations totaling more than CHF 300'000.

The challenge

A person needs 20 liters of water per day and the Clean Water Foundation is committed to making that happen. The international Clean Water projects are carried out with carefully selected partners and in close collaboration with local residents. Convinced of the projects’ effectiveness, GF has made substantial donations to the Clean Water Foundation on an annual basis.

To date, Clean Water has supported more than 140 projects worldwide with over CHF 10 million.

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