Building Technology Calculation Tool

Calculating minimum pressure loss

For Sanipex connection lines with double socket:

When installing this system, it is important to consider the pressure loss in the piping system. To keep this pressure loss to a minimum, this calculation tool helps you with the design.

  • In the slider, select the desired pipe length in the range between 3 and 12 m using "-" and "+" on the left or right side.
  • The pressure loss and the ejection time for the different pipe diameters are then displayed in the slider.
  • The additional pressure loss for a shut-off unit including water meter 5458.050 at different volume flows can also be read off.

If the recommended pipe length according to W3 is exceeded for a certain volume flow and a certain pipe diameter, you will see the numerical value in the data slider on a field with a grey background. In this case you should select a larger pipe diameter for your application.


For JRGURED multi-purpose domestic water station, JRGUMAT thermostatic mixer, JRGUMAT compact thermal blending installation and JRGURED pressure reducing valve:

When installing any of these systems it is important to consider the pressure loss. To keep this pressure loss to a minimum, this calculation tool helps you with the design.

  • First select the appropriate dimension for the pressure loss calculation, as well as the volume flow and the desired measurement unit. Possibilities: m³/h, l/h, l/min, l/s, US gallon/min, Imp. gallon/min and in³/s.
  • Click on "Calculate!" to get the pressure loss in bar and the flow velocity in the pipe in m/s.
  • The result of the pressure loss can also be converted into another unit of measurement. Available are psi, mbar, Pa, at, Torr, kp/mm² and atm.

If you have selected a dimension for the entered volume flow that leads to a particularly high pressure loss, the result is displayed in red. In this case it is advisable to click on "New calculation" and repeat the calculation with a different dimension.


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