Plastic transition fitting with metal thread

May 31, 2011 7:00 AM

Georg Fischer Piping Systems presents the new transition fitting made of plastic with internal and external threads of metal. On the plastic side, the combined socket and spigot versions provide installers with a great deal of flexibility. The transition fitting is sealed with an EPDM O-ring, which also protects against distortion and damage to the plastic during installation. Additional features of this fitting are its long service life and leak tightness even under temperature fluctuations and vibration.

GF_Image-transition_fittingTransition fittings available in ABS and PVC-U (Photo: Georg Fischer Piping Systems, 2011)

The new transition fitting made of plastic and metal was originally developed for industrial refrigeration technology. In frosting and defrosting processes, refrigerating plants are subjected to temperature fluctuations that can cause the material to expand. The innovative jointing technology of O-ring and retaining ring compensates this, while also preventing the connection from coming loose when there is vibration – essential in pipe systems with pumps. Retightening after installation is no longer necessary. The wide seat of the metal part enables secure mounting of the fitting with conventional installation tools.

Product Manager Peter Waefler, GF Piping Systems, is convinced that this revolutionary technology provides an extra dose of safety in industrial installations.

Available in ABS and PVC-U and a variety of dimensions

GF Piping Systems has created a safe and reliable bridge from plastic to metal pipes. The joints are available in the dimensions d20, d25, d32 (socket) on the plastic side and in ½“, ¾“, 1“, Rp and R threads on the metal side (stainless steel and brass). The pressure rating is PN16 for PVC-U and PN10 for ABS.

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