The new Generation of Check Valves

Jun 18, 2012 8:00 AM

Mastering the challenge – The new generation of check valves from GF Piping Systems guarantees long-term process stability in chemicals processing: A new and intelligent valve solution to prevent media backflow in piping systems offers numerous maintenance-friendly, reliable and efficiencyenhancing opportunities for industrial applications.

check valves

Preventing failure-free backflow of media presents a major challenge for check valves in the chemical process industry. Due to the mechanical and chemical stress, the valves are subjected to considerable wear and tear. The new generation of check valves from GF Piping Systems is the perfect example of how an innovative valve concept can eliminate this problem, as proven in use in the chemical treatment industry.

GF Piping Systems, one of the three corporate groups of the Georg Fischer Corporation headquartered in Schaffhausen/Switzerland, is a leading supplier of plastic and metal piping systems with a global market presence. Customers benefit from a complete range of system products, which comprises pipes, fittings and valves, suitable jointing technologies and optimal measurement and control instrumentation as well as comprehensive support and services.

The company serves diverse applications and industries, such as building technology, chemical process industry, food and beverage, microelectronics, shipbuilding, water and gas supply as well as water treatment. In the chemical process industry, the focus lies on chemicals manufacturing, chemicals trade and surface treatment. Water treatment is another key focal point of GF Piping Systems.

Practical field tests during development

In the development of the new check valves, two main issues were defined: How can a well established product type be improved and made even more reliable? How can we reduce wear and tear of the moving parts and minimize the amount of maintenance required? The solution resulted in a totally new design of the valve interior.

Every new development must of course fulfill the requirements in practice. For this reason, it was considered a major milestone of the development project to test the valves under conditions which were as close as possible to actual use. Besides the customary laboratory tests, the valves were put into field tests at diverse customers, in intensive cooperation between user and manufacturer, in order to obtain realistic test results during the development process.

Already two years prior to series production, GF Piping Systems made the new check valves in a variety of versions available to a customer in the chemical process industry for field testing in the effluent neutralization process. (Complete article under Downloads)