Sustainability Report 2007: Massive savings in water consumption at the GF Piping Systems Test Lab

Jun 19, 2008 7:00 AM

Georg Fischer Ltd. has just released its third Sustainability Report. The 2007 edition of this annual corporate publication once again provides key data on environmental and social responsibility performance. Particularly noteworthy from the viewpoint of the GF Piping Systems Group is the savings of 25,000 cubic meters of fresh water in the Test Lab. This reduction in water consumption was realized by installing a re-cooling system for test water. This allows recycling the water, which consequently also means 25,000 cubic meters less waste water.

A large part of the water used at GF is for cooling the equipment and castings in the foundries and plastics plants. Georg Fischer uses not only potable water from the public utilities but also water from its own springs or from surface water. The proportion of water from the public distribution network accounts for only roughly 20% of total consumption. The other 80% is from own sources. This process water is mainly used for cooling and is not contaminated. The environmental impact is therefore minimal. Despite the rising volume of production at Georg Fischer, water consumption has been reduced by three percent.

Better turnover/energy consumption ratio

Although energy consumption has risen nine percent with the significantly higher volume of production at Georg Fischer in 2007, a better relationship between turnover and energy consumption was achieved compared to previous years. Moreover, it was possible to reduce emissions of lightly volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in production by another remarkable 30 percent.

Sustainability firmly anchored in corporate values

Sustainability as well as social and environmental responsibility are principal constituents of Georg Fischer’s business policies. Reduction of CO2 emissions, development of climate friendly products, a clean drinking water supply, in addition to responsibility for stakeholders continue to be primary targets of the corporation. 

Yves Serra, President and CEO: Georg Fischer makes every effort to achieve sustained success and added value for its customers and owners. We can only realize this if we show respect for our environment and take the needs of our employees and society seriously. Our corporate values and our sustainability management contribute toward achieving these goals.“

The complete Sustainability Report is available in PDF format at or can be ordered as a brochure.

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Key figures GF Piping Systems 2007
More than 3’600 employees worldwide (per 31 December 2007)
1096 MCHF sales

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