Save Energy with Plastic Pipes - POWER-GEN 2011

Jun 6, 2011 7:00 AM

Georg Fischer Piping Systems presents solutions for water supply with plastic pipes, water treatment plants, applications in the chemical process industry and geothermal energy from June 7 to 9 at POWER-GEN in Milan. The innovative and ecological solution for algae bioreactors represents a special highlight at the exhibition.

When supplying water and gas through pipes, distribution networks and service connections or hydrants, a reliable connection is a key priority. Pipes, fittings, valves and other components must be joined safely and reliably. Georg Fischer Piping Systems is presenting plastic pipes at the trade show, demonstrating the fact that the right choice of materials is crucial. We use environmentally friendly plastic systems for a wide range of applications in building technology, water treatment, water supply and cooling. High-purity, deionized water, chemicals and refrigerants are but a few examples of the numerous media transported today through plastic piping systems.  

Plastic pipes score extremely well regarding their CO2 footprint because they are lightweight. The total greenhouse gas emissions in the manufacture, transport and disposal of a one-meter PE pipe are roughly five times less than for a comparable stainless steel pipe.

Water treatment

To improve the quality of water, the treatment process must be optimized in water treatment plants. With our know-how and excellent services and our complete product offering – consisting of fittings, pipes, manual and actuated valves as well as measurement and control technology – we make an important contribution to a clean water supply.  

Georg Fischer Piping Systems will be running a reverse osmosis demonstration unit made entirely of plastic at the stand.

Energy storehouse in the ground

Heating and air-conditioning are among the largest sources of CO² emissions. An alternative means of saving fossil fuels, which is all too often underestimated, can be found in geothermal energy. A promising method is to construct energy piles underneath buildings. GF Piping Systems helps tap this underground source of energy and transport heating and cooling to the surface.

Algae bioreactors in special pipes

Last year GF Piping Systems received the international innovation award for a light-permeable plastic piping system. The engineers at Georg Fischer succeeded in finding the ideal balance between light-permeability and durability. They developed a piping system made of transparent PVC that allows enough light in the right wavelength to pass through so that microalgae can grow inside the pipes. The bioreactor is used to cultivate algae from which biomass and biofuel are made.  Furthermore, the organisms absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), which they use to grow. So if CO2 from, for example, an incineration plant is fed into the algae bioreactors, CO2 emissions can be effectively reduced.  

New push-fit and compression joint: iJOINT

The unique design is what makes fast assembly possible. The iJOINT is used in water supply because of its safe installation and long service life. The product range includes couplings, reducers, tees, elbows, threaded transitions and end caps in the dimensions d20 to d110.

New generation of diaphragm valves

The new generation of diaphragm valves not only offers decisive advantages in handling and safety, but also in the area of efficiency and has twice as much flow on average as conventional diaphragm valves. In addition, the central plastic thread, which is used instead of the usual four metal screws, ensures that the connection is corrosion-resistant.

The family of valves can also be fully automated with Diastar, the pneumatic valve actuator. In three different pressure ratings – up to 6 bar, 10 bar and 16 bar – the pneumatically actuated diaphragm valves can be integrated quickly and easily in practically all piping systems.

 Come see us at our stand. We welcome your questions and comments.

Georg Fischer – Adding Quality to People’s Lives
GF Piping Systems is one of three companies within the Georg Fischer group and a leading supplier of plastic and metal pipe systems with a global market presence.
Our portfolio offers connection technology, fittings, fixtures, sensors and pipes for the treatment and distribution of water as well as the safe transport of industrial fluids and gases. GF Piping Systems supplies leading innovative technical solutions for domestic engineering applications, the chemical process industry, food & beverage, life sciences, the microelectronics, shipbuilding, water and gas supply industries as well as potable water treatment. Our distributors in more than 25 countries and representatives in a further 80 countries guarantee customer service around the clock. Production facilities in Europe, Asia and the US are customer focussed and comply with all local requirements. Georg Fischer’s registered offices have been located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, since the company was founded in 1802.

Key figures - GF Piping Systems 2010
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