From metal to plastic - a switch with many advantages

Jan 22, 2018 9:45 AM

GF Piping Systems decided to take a revolutionary step more than 65 years ago: the switch from metal to plastic in most of the piping systems offered. This decision has long since proven to be extremely forward-looking: high-quality plastic piping systems are superior to metal in many aspects. Therefore, more and more customers from all areas of application decide to switch from metal to plastic with us.

Plastic piping in industrial use

Here are some of the major benefits of plastic piping systems:

  • Extremely long service life: Plastic pipelines are maintenance-free and do not need to be replaced over the entire lifespan of the system (at least 25 years). This reduces the need for maintenance and repair drastically, hence the operating and overall costs.
  • Corrosion-free and abrasion-resistant: Whether drinking or process water, coolants, acids and other chemicals or water-solid mixtures (e.g. sludges) - plastic piping systems withstand chemical and mechanical loads excellently.
  • Faster installation: Innovative system additions ensure that plastic piping can be installed up to 50 percent faster. These include the revolutionary pre-insulation as in COOL-FIT and integrated electrofusion solutions for precise, durable connections.
  • Low weight: Plastic pipes weigh 60 percent less than comparable metal pipes. Thus, they provide lower static requirements when installed in buildings or ships, are easier to transport and move on site.
  • Versatility: The choice of materials allows plastic pipelines to be perfectly adapted to the respective requirements. Particularly stable against environmental influences when installed outdoors or transparent as glass, but without its fragility, for chemistry and laboratory usage.
  • Higher safety: The excellent properties of plastic mean that there are significantly fewer leaks compared to metal solutions. At the same time they show a comparable mechanical behavior, in certain situations even better because of their typical flexibility.
  • Low environmental impact: Due to their longevity and maintenance-free quality, plastic piping systems have a lower overall carbon footprint than metal solutions. Pre-insulation with COOL-FIT also increases energy efficiency by up to 30 percent.

At GF Piping Systems, we support new customers every day who are also considering the switch from metal to plastic for their applications and partner with them at every project stage from planning to commissioning and operating. Find out more about our service offers here.

To learn more about the benefits of plastic piping systems, visit the website of the European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association (TEPPFA), where GF Piping Systems is one of the members:

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