GF Piping Systems extend product portfolio:
Type 567 butterfly valve now available up to size DN600

Jan 13, 2010 7:00 AM

From today, GF Piping Systems offer larger sizes of the Type 567 butterfly valve and with it the basic advantages of durability, a reduced weight and the excellent chemical resistance of this product. The Type 567 product range now also includes DN350 to DN600 mm models for the materials PP-H with models DN350 to DN400 being available for PVC-U.

GF_Image-Big_AK567The Type 567 butterfly valve from GF Piping Systems is now available up to a size DN600. (Picture: GF Piping Systems, 2009)

Thanks to the double-eccentric function principle from GF Piping Systems, fitting the contact surfaces between medium and elastomers has been significantly reduced. This principle has proven itself since the introduction of the smaller models onto the market in 2005. With the aid of the double-eccentric principle, in connection with pressure support from a transition seal, it has been possible to achieve an activating torque which is up to 50 percent lower, in comparison with centric valves, whereby the plate has no contact with the seal in the open position. In particular, for applications within the chemical process industry, this results in two equally important positive aspects: a consistent activating torque that allows a safe opening and closing of the valve and an extended working life characterised by significantly reduced wear.

Maintenance friendly sealing concept

Double-sided sealing inside the passage section is guaranteed with the aid of a sealing ring equipped with a specially adapted sealing geometry. Sealing elements are placed under incoming or outgoing mechanical strain by the repeated opening and closing process and are also subjected to a substantial chemical stress by the medium. The Type 567 butterfly valve takes all of these factors into consideration and allows maximum reduction of the mechanical load. Easy maintenance is a particularly impressive characteristic: the transition seal can be replaced without having to remove either disc or axis. This saves time and therefore money.

External sealing within the axis area is achieved by means of O-rings. These are subjected to a dynamic rotating load every time the butterfly valve is activated, and also to a partial chemical load applied by the medium. The O-ring sealing system has a number of advantages. In addition, it is constructed in such a way that the axis will not make contact with the medium. The use of standard O-rings enables a simple replacement or adjustment to suit every application. Compared with butterfly valves equipped with seat liner, the O-ring system is subject to significantly reduced wear as seat liner often suffer from more severe wear within the axis area due to their construction based compression.

Areas of application

Thanks to this double-eccentric feature, the Type 567 butterfly valves offer increased operational and process safety, greater efficiency, a longer working life and better chemical resistance. This is particularly important with applications for critical areas such as the chemical process industry. Other applications include the water treatment industry including potable water treatment, swimming pools and water parks as well as waste water treatment systems for industrial applications such as chemical plants and power stations.

Further advantages

The design of the valve has been arranged to suit all conventional connection standards (ANSI/BS, ISO-DIN, JIS), so that only one version is necessary to be able to guarantee compatibility with all of the connection standards listed above. A further advantage is the fact that the Type 567 butterfly valve is on average 50 percent lighter compared to metal valves of the same size, which is particularly noticeable during the transport, installation and maintenance of the unit. A standard interface also ensures a problem-free connection of actuators thanks to an optimised plastic/metal connection. All Type 567 butterfly valves are supplied complete with either manual or pneumatic actuators or with electric actuator ex works.

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