GF contributes to helping the victims of Haiyan in the Philippines

Nov 12, 2013 5:00 PM

The Clean Water Foundation of Georg Fischer donates CHF 20 000 to support the American nonprofit organization Water Mission International (WMI) in their help for the victims of the natural disaster in the Philippines.

WMI produces transportable water cleaning systems, which can be relocated quickly. These systems make it possible to turn contaminated local water resources into drinkable water again. In the last few days WMI has sent a dozen of their cleaning water systems to the Philippines by air and will be sending an additional 20 systems. These systems have the potential to cover the needs of 160 000 people.

After the disaster relief operations are completed, the water cleaning systems sent by WMI will remain with the villages which currently lack in proper water systems. Through this donation, WMI ensures that their initial investment will continue to have a sustainable impact on the improvement of the living standards for the people living in those villages.