Small & Light – The Electric Actuators EA25-250

Feb 18, 2016 10:00 AM

The new series of electric actuators type EA25-250 from GF Piping Systems provide the highest reliability and ease of use. With numerous intelligent functions, these actuators are ahead of their time.

GF Piping Systems continues to demonstrate expertise in automation with the new electric actuators type EA 25-250, equipped with many key features, and a variety of useful options.

First, the GF actuators inspire imagination in part due to their unique optical feedback from an integrated color LED. Even in difficult lighting conditions and with a closed cover, these give highly visible feedback as to the position of the valve in the process, as well as the operating status of the actuator.


Equipped with the latest electronics, the new actuators are designed for long-term success. Using four pushbuttons, the end and center positions can be adjusted quickly and without tools. Even settings for 3-way valves can easily be adjusted including a middle position. The LED color combinations and 360° position detection combined with an internal smart display make operation easy to understand.

Thanks to an integrated heater, neither condensation nor ice build-up will occur inside the housing of the type EA25-250 electric actuators. The user can manually set the required starting temperature according to the ambient conditions; thereby these electric actuators ensure maximum safety and functionality even under difficult operating conditions.

In addition, the entire range of accessories has been improved upon, from the monitoring board for the on/off operation to the positioner for continuous control of the actuator. The new fail-safe return module, for moving the motor and positioning the valve into a safe position in the event of power outage, can now be easily inserted into the actuator housing and requires no additional wiring. Another new feature is the option of upgrading the actuator for integration into a Profibus network. This gives you an extremely compact and powerful all-plastic, corrosion resistant, actuator to control your system.


Equipped with a robust PP-GF housing, these actuators are not only perfectly suited for plastic valves, but with their standardized interface, and choices of torque they are also compatible with many commercially available ball and butterfly valves including metal ones. GF Piping Systems offers actuators in a range of 25Nm, 45Nm, 120Nm and 250Nm peak torque.

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