Semicon: 11. - 13. October 2011

Oct 11, 2011 7:00 AM

To prepare for the inevitable transition to a 450mm wafer size, GF Piping Systems is introducing a complete 450mm SYGEF PVDF Piping System, including an innovative "Twin Fittings" concept and new welding equipment at SEMICON Europe 2011 in Dresden, October 11 -13, Booth # 1555.

The microchip has taken over many tasks of our everyday life. As we forge through the iPad 2, smarter smart phones and advancements in robotics, we find ourselves consuming more and more chips, which in turn require more factory capacity to make the chips. More chip power can be achieved by building more factories, increasing transistor density per chip, or going to a larger number of chips per wafer, i.e. increasing the wafer size.


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