Looking back on 25 years of MULTI/JOINT®

In the year 2015 the MULTI/JOINT® existed 25 years. Proven quality and a reason to celebrate!

25 years of proven quality, 25 years of MULTI/JOINT®

We proudly present to you 25 years of MULTI/JOINT®

The success of the MULTI/JOINT® started in 1990, when Georg Fischer Waga developed and launched a unique product called MULTI/JOINT® 2000. Since then a lot has happened and the MULTI/JOINT® was improved in many ways. Feel free to download our special newspaper The Jubilee, in which we look back upon the improvements of the past 25 years.

I want to thank those of you who have contributed to turning MULTI/JOINT® into this great success. With your help we will continue to improve our product offering in the years ahead. We wish you happy reading with this trip down the memory lane of MULTI/JOINT®!

Edwin Sonneveld
Managing Director Georg Fischer Waga N.V.

Were you there in 1997?

Looking back upon a memorable moment


A restraint connection with a new product, a helicopter, a crate of more than 500 kg and approx. 50 eye witnesses. With a movie fragment we look back upon this memorable moment.

How it all started



The MULTI/JOINT® was no more than an idea. Basically we were selling hot air, says John Goudriaan, spiritual father of the MULTI/JOINT®.

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