Our history


The company OMICRON was founded in 1967 by an Italian entrepreneur of Padova, Mr. Roberto Cinetto, who started to design and manufacture hydraulic press machines.

In 1975, one of the first in Europe, OMICRON developed and began the sales of an innovative butt-fusion machine (the PSO 701, still in production) for joining polyethylene drainage pipes for sanitary and building technology applications.

Thanks to its quality and competitiveness, in 1980, OMICRON started a close relationship with a German company leader in the tools business. At the same time, new sophisticated models of machines were designed and produced, based on innovative hydraulic control systems and automation solutions, and the ancestor of the current workshop welding machines was introduced.



At the end of the 80s, OMICRON decided to stop the commercial relations with the German partner and undertook the international distribution on its own, creating a fully controlled sales company, OMICRON Deutschland, near Stuttgart , later in Belgium and expanding in other areas such as France, Scandinavia, USA and South America. From a technological point of view OMICRON products were growing with the introduction of computer based systems and CE certification.

Thanks to the high quality reputation of its products, in mid 90s, OMICRON came in contact with Georg Fischer Group and rapidly became the selected supplier of butt-fusion machines. A specific product line was exclusively developed and successfully distributed worldwide through GF sales network.

The close relations with the Georg Fischer Group, finally convinced Cinetto’s family to sell the company, as this choice would have granted the financial means and a wide sales organization necessary for the future growth of the company. As result of this decision, in 1999 a process of acquisition started and, as of 2002, Omicron became fully controlled by Georg Fischer and moved through an integration process within the Georg Fischer Group organization. This created the conditions for further products innovation, opening in the meantime new opportunities in markets never approached before.

In 2005, thanks to investments in competences and professional resources, GF Omicron started the differentiation from its original butt-fusion business, by developing and producing Electro-fusion machines. This business, fully integrated into the Georg Fischer core activities, created further growth and know-how in welding technologies of plastic pipes.


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