From synthetic granulate to valve

Vom Kunststoffgranulat zur Armatur

QA - 1

Purchased parts and raw materials undergo strict incoming inspections.
Further quality inspections are conducted in the production departments according to a specific inspection schedule.


The raw materials, if reasonable, are delivered in bulk and stored in silo installations.Purchased parts are stored on Euro pallets in our high rack warehouse.


The actual production process we use for valve parts is the injection molding process. We currently use 32 injection molding machines. Closing force range: 200 kN – 6'600 kN. The automation level of the injection molding department is very high: automatic material feeding, automatic part extraction and sprue removal. We process only thermoplastics.


Machines finish sealing sections and components that are difficult to demold. For the processing of the components we have state-of-the-art CNC turning machines, equipped with robots for feeding.


Every worker contributes to the quality of our products.
An inspection systems constructed in accordance with international standards supports our efforts in maintaining the quality of our products.


Good enough? Ultimately, the customers decide. The quality assurance agreements vary according to the supplier status. Deliveries coming from suppliers who are ISO 9000 certified are only required to undergo identification inspection.


The assembly department assembles the components into complete valves. On assembly lines, some of which are highly automated, a large number of valves is assembled in different ways and each valve is inspected for functionality and leakage (100% inspection).

QA 100% - 9

Quality to us is much more than the production of functional products.In addition to the component inspections we monitor all quality-specific process parameters.


Quality to us is much more than the production of functional products. Following the assembly and inspections, the valves are packaged and labeled for the customer.
The finished product is shipped daily to the distribution center in Schaffhausen and then delivered to the customer on the fastest possible route.


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