Research & Development

Manufacturing standard programs at a high quality level is one thing; confronting new materials with differentiated, customer-specific requirements and deducing the “right” conclusions and decisions are another.

R & D

It is the key task of our development staff to critically challenge existing solution concepts and material applications and their improvement with respect to new product generations (and applications). Here, it is our special concern that these tasks are accomplished in constant contact with users in the target markets and selected raw material manufacturers. In our work, we like to make use of our excellent network, which includes universities, institutes and strategic partners in the plastics processing industry.
This ensures that Georg Fischer DEKA as always actively involved in the development of new material trends and the solution of current market requirements in pipeline construction.

For example, in the early 90s we gradually started integrating the material class of high-temperature resistant thermoplastics (e.g. PPS, PAI, PEI; PSU) into our product portfolio through innovative applications.

When taking a close look at the market for industrial plastic piping systems, it quickly becomes apparent that there are only a few “real” pipe manufacturers worldwide able to service this market; the responsibility is high and the requirements are often highly complex.

For more than 40 years, Georg Fischer DEKA has been meeting this challenge and during this time accomplished and influenced significant developments with the development and production of high-quality pipe products for industrial plant engineering in many areas (e.g. with regard to the establishment of C-PVC or Beta PPH in pipeline construction).

The variety of materials processed at Georg Fischer DEKA, the consistency in the company policy and personnel as well as the continuous further development of processing technologies paired with a deep understanding for the relevant aspects of the materials used have allowed Georg Fischer DEKA over the course of four decades to become a worldwide unique center of competency for industrial plastic pipes.

R & D
R & D

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