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Silenta Premium

Silenta Premium
GF Hakan Plastik’s special patented product Silenta Waste Water Pipes and Fittings is the first and only polypropylene soundproof pipe systems in Turkey. Silenta, has a full 13 dB sound transmission in 4 lt and continues to be the quietest pipe produced in Turkey.
For the future, by creating ideal conditions for use, provides an excellent sound isolation. Silenta, enhances quality of life with the property value.

Flame resistance: B2 (DIN 4102)
Temperature range: -10°C to +95°C
Silence value: 13dBA 4Lt/s (DIN 4109)
Chemical resistance: pH 2-12

Main Applications:
Silenta noise-insulating products are used wherever sound protection and high impact resistance is required. Silence plays a big role in areas such as:
- Drainage systems
- Centralised vacuum cleaning systems
- Exhaust gas systems
- Chemical transfer systems

Main Advantages:
- Superior sound insulation in DIN 4109 norm
- Multi-layer manufacturing technology
- High resistance to corrosion and excellent resistance to chemicals
- Ease of transportation and maintenance with telescopic stowage method
- Ease of combination and Installation
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