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Snap ring PE 30mm

  • For closing the gap in the outer pipe

Technical Details

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50Measurements 700238424
63Measurements 700238425
75Measurements 700238426
90Measurements 700238427
110Measurements 700238428
125Measurements 700238429
140Measurements 700238430
160Measurements 700238431
180Measurements 700238432
200Measurements 700238433
225Measurements 700238434
280Measurements 700238436
315Measurements 700238437


CONTAIN-IT Plus.pdfPDF1.39 MBDownload

Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual - CONTAIN-IT Plus Ball Valve Type 546.pdfPDF1.21 MBDownload
Instruction manual - CONTAIN-IT PLUS PFA PE100 - PFA Flare connection.pdfPDF1.25 MBDownload
Instruction Manual - CONTAIN-IT Plus Mechanical Joint.pdfPDF938.3 KBDownload
Bedienungsanleitung - CONTAIN-IT Plus Mechanische Trennung.pdfPDF938.3 KBDownload
Bedienungsanleitung - CONTAIN-IT Plus Kugelhahn Typ 546.pdfPDF1.21 MBDownload

Planning Fundamental
Planungsgrundlagen - CONTAIN-IT Plus.pdfPDF19.11 MBDownload
Planning Fundamentals - CONTAIN-IT Plus.pdfPDF19.9 MBDownload
CONTAIN-IT Plus - Modification of SG160 for welding of Double Containment System.pdfPDF19.9 MBDownload
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