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9950 Relay Module

Ability to interface up to four binary inputs. The binary inputs are compatible with either open collector or mechanical contacts. The binary inputs can supply power to the four inputs or accepts powered outputs from external devices. These inputs can be used with level switches, flow switches, pressure switches or other devices.
The inputs can be used to directly control the relays of the 9950 or can be used in combination with the measurement readings for advanced control of your process.

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3-9950,393-1With 4 Mechanical RelaysDodatkowe pomiary 159310268
3-9950,393-2With 2 Mechanical and 2 Solid State RelaysDodatkowe pomiary 159310269
3-9950,393-3With 2 Mechanical Relays and 4 Binary InputsDodatkowe pomiary 159310270


  • Inputs can be used with level, flow and pressure switches and other devices.
  • Inputs can be used to directly control the relays of the 9950
  • Interface up to four binary inputs


Data Sheet - 9950 Transmitter (English).pdfPDF1004.52 KBPobierz

Instruction Manual
Chinese Instruction Sheet- Signet 9950 Relay Module.pdfPDF1.27 MBPobierz
English Instruction Sheet - Signet 9950 Relay Module.pdfPDF983.78 KBPobierz
English Manual - 9950 Transmitter.pdfPDF4.78 MBPobierz
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