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Hycleen Automation System

Hycleen Automation System
The Hycleen Automation software release 1.5 may be obtained from:
The Hycleen Automation System by GF Piping Systems offers a sophisticated package for the automation of drinking water installations. Sensors and controllers integrated in the valves log the required data. The master controls all processes and supports with its applications a hygienically impeccable, optimized drinking water installation through logging and reporting. The synchronised components are wired to each other in a way which is easy to handle.

Materials: Gun metal, Stainless steel, Plastics
Dimensions: DN 15 – DN 20
Operating pressure: up to 10 bar
Operating temperature: +5°C to +90°C

Main Applications:
• Large-scale residential buildings and developments
• Buildings with hygienically-sensitive areas (e.g. clinics, hotels, retirement homes)
• Hot and cold water distribution

Main Advantages:
• Constant target temperature and regular water exchange
• Central controller and state display
• Logging and reporting
• Remote monitoring  
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Instruction Manual
Hycleen Automation LegioTherm K.pdfPDF670.4 KBDownload
Hycleen Automation Powerbox.pdfPDF487.89 KBDownload
Hycleen Automation T-Sensor.pdfPDF423.04 KBDownload
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