Company policy

The Georg Fischer Fittings GmbH company policy is oriented towards the highest possible level of satisfaction for customers, owner, employees and the public, also including our partners as well as our suppliers.

Company Policy Traisen

The extensive merits we offer cover the following aspects:

  • a wide range of products
  • high-quality products
  • excellent customer advice
  • first-class delivery as well as customer service

Each employee is involved with customer service, ever increasing their usefulness for our customers' benefit. We have an enthusiastic team of employees who strongly believe in open and honest communication as fair partners.

We want to keep our position as market leaders. Our aim is to benefit our owner through good company performance and adequate profits. By the same token we would like to make profits to finance further technological improvements in the future in order to secure our technical advantage and our jobs. A company's sound financial situation ensures continuity. We are cooperative towards other companies within our Corporation. By concentrating on our core expertise, we fulfil our owner's expectations. Setting targets, as well as introducing incentive schemes for our competent employees, is part of our management strategy.

We encourage our employees to think autonomously and to act on their own initiatives, and we ask for mutual respect. We prefer open and honest communication. Flexibility and being open to new ideas are part of our company policy.
We are trying to put the above-mentioned aspects into practice through continuous improvement using certified management systems.

By showing our reliability, we aim to be predictable partners. We are increasing our credibility by informing the public - especially our neighbours - about our ecological achievements. We consider legal certainty to be an essential requirement for a successful company. We also accept responsibility towards the community by training young people.

Only together will we be able to reach our business goals!

Peter Maiwald
General Manager


Georg Fischer Fittings GmbH
Mariazeller Strasse 75
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