Practice Rooms

There is no substitute for experience in application. Experience is one of the most decisive key factors for the success of an installation. That is why we don't provide you only manuals and instructions to learn, what is important regarding the handling of our products and how our systems are used correctly and safely. We offer our customers a modern and application-oriented training environment, that considers all the specific requirements regarding the content and the structure of the trainings. Generously arranged practice rooms with an extensive array of high-quality equipment, offer the possibility to gain experience and confidence in working with our products and regarding your specific application. During trainings and workshops, you are accompanied and supported by our experts.

Pipelines for utilitiesPipelines for utilities
Entrance pratical roomsEntrance pratical rooms
Butt fusion, electro fusionButt fusion, electro fusion
Butt fusionButt fusion
Installation of industrial pipelinesInstallation of industrial pipelines
BCF-, IR-, socket and butt fusionBCF-, IR-, socket and butt fusion
Solvent cementingSolvent cementing
Training area Building technologyTraining area Building technology
Examples in Building technologyExamples in Building technology
iFIT and Instaflex jointing technologyiFIT and Instaflex jointing technology
Instaflex jointing technologyInstaflex jointing technology

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