Hycleen Des 30 - The System for disinfection of new and old applications

With the Hycleen Des 30 GF Piping Systems deepens is expertise in drinking water hygiene. Along with the dead leg free Sanipex systems Hycleen Des 30 offers preventive and sustainable security for drinking water hygiene in new and old applications.

The plant produces a environmentally friendly and highly effective disinfection solution by use of diaphragmalysis, which fights/kills bacteria and viruses. The high efficiency of the electro-activated disinfectant against bacteria such as Legionella and Pseudomonas is confirmed by numerous international clients for more than a decade.

  • Highly efficient disinfection solution against bacteria
  • Disinfectant approved to German Drinking Water Ordinance §11
  • Smallest amounts are sufficient
  • Depot effect in the entire drinking water system
  • No development of resitence in microorganisms
  • Reduction of biofilms
  • No microbiological induced corrosion
  • Low application risk: easy handling
  • Low operation risk: no transport/no storage of dangerous chemicals
  • No limitation of service life of GF products
  • Environmental friendly
  • Cost-efficient
Hycleen Des 30