Piping Systems

CPVC Piping Systems
Schedule 40 CPVC
Schedule 80 CPVC
Clear PVC Piping Systems
Schedule 40 Clear PVC
Schedule 80 Clear PVC
Metric PVC (PVC-U) and CPVC (PVC-C) Piping Systems
Metric PVC (PVC-U) 
Metric CPVC (PVC-C) 
Specialty Piping Systems
Harvel FlowGuard Gold® CTS CPVC Pipe (discontinued)
BlazeMaster Fire Sprinkler System
Enviroking UV Resistant Clear PVC Pipe
HydroKing CTS CPVC Plumbing Pipe (discontinued)
FlameTech Schedule 40 Containment Pipe (discontinued)
PVC and CPVC Products
PVC & CPVC Rod, Bar & Machining Stock
PVC & CPVC Duct Systems
Custom Products
Type 530 Aquatap Recirculating Laboratory Faucet
Calorplast Heat Exchangers