JRGUFLOW - The dynamic solution against stagnation in drinking water

Mar 14, 2017 11:00 AM

JRGUFLOW flow dividers from GF Piping Systems enable water exchange in non-used or infrequently used tapping points in a drinking water installation conforming to norm and thus permanently ensure a hygienically clean drinking water quality.


Rarely used connection lines and tapping points can pose a health risk: in certain sections of the piping system the water is not constantly moving, "stagnating" and thus forms an ideal breeding ground for pathogens. GF Piping Systems' JRGUFLOW flow divider provides help. It ensures that all piping sections and tapping points in a circular piping system are flooded. A hygienically clean water quality is thus secured at all times.

Its innovative construction with dynamic differential pressure elements prevents clogging, deposition of particles and is hardly prone to limestone. In addition, the high-performance plastic Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) ensures absolute hygienic safety.

The JRGUFLOW flow divider offers advantages for everyone

The liNear planning software makes the calculation of the installation in all project phases easier and more efficient for the planner. The perfect connection to JRG Sanipex MT systems reduces the effort during installation as the number of connecting parts is reduced to a minimum. The design with the neutral gun metal threaded connection can be easily integrated into other piping systems. Finally, the operator benefits from the combination of construction characteristics with the advantages of the selected material, which minimizes the maintenance effort.




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