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Building Technology Systems



    ALUPEX is a piping system made of multi-layer pipes ideal for sanitary systems, heating and gas applications in buildings.

  • ALUPEX GASystem

    ALUPEX GASystem

    An innovative piping system designed for new installations, as well as for replacements and or extension of existing pipe network.



    Polypropylene Random is suitable for hot and cold water and heating systems.

  • Hycleen


    Hycleen - Integral drinking water hygiene: Four steps to a safe system.

  • iFIT


    iFIT, fast, simple and cost-effective with its innovative jointing technology and modular system.

  • iLITE


    iLITE – evolution in axial press technology: Quick, Multi, Flow

  • iKLIMA


    A radiant floor heating and cooling system with a focus on durability and a cost effective system.



    Polybutylene was developed specifically for building technology and is the ideal material for drinking water installations.

  • JRG Coral force

    JRG Coral force

    Limescale protection for single-family and multi-family homes.

  • JRG Sanipex

    JRG Sanipex

    JRG Sanipex classic consists of cross-linked polyethylene  (PE-X) pipes and gunmetal valves and fittings.

  • JRG Sanipex MT

    JRG Sanipex MT

    JRG Sanipex MT is the ideal system for distribution, riser and connecting lines in detached houses as well as in large buildings.

  • JRG Valves

    JRG Valves

    Specialised valves, designed for Building Technology applications, ensures a complete system solution.

  • Malleable Cast Iron Fittings

    Malleable Cast Iron Fittings

    Malleable cast iron is thanks to its durability, temperature resistance and long lifetime a proven fitting.

  • PRIMOFIT Compression Fittings

    PRIMOFIT Compression Fittings

    PRIMOFIT is the time-saving connection of steel-pipes, boiler-pipes, lead-pipes and PE-pipes.


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